Thursday, September 06, 2007

Reading Between the Lines in the Hedican Saga

I'm perfectly qualified to comment on chronic injuries because I'm a battered old ex-jock. The shoulder I blew up playing hockey and had repaired in 2002 became a frozen shoulder last year. Despite rehab, it's still tight and I can't throw a baseball without looking like Richard Simmons. The hand I broke playing high school basketball still hurts when wield a garden tool for too long. The front tooth that took an elbow in a high school basketball game gets grayer every year, despite a root canal and some cosmetic dentistry. Yup, I'm a wreck-a wreck that hasn't had 200 lb human missiles slamming into him 10 months a year for over a decade. And I bet despite sucking it up like the pro he is, Bret Hedican is still a wreck too.

Luke DeCock has a post on Lord Stanley's Blog today about Heddy's return to the Rec Zone. Here is the key snip:

Hedican met with noted hip specialist Marc Philippon in Vail, Colo., in June and was told that more hip surgery would likely end his career. He also learned the normal timetable for recovery from the hip surgery he underwent in the summer of 2006 is seven months.

As a decrepit old jock, I know his hip is not going to get any better. Lord knows how or if his back ailment is fully healed. Bret is nobly going to try and make-do with what he can get out of the last repair job. Hard to walk away when your heart still says go.

I don't really share the sense of relief Hedican's return is inspiring among the faithful. Bret has a chronic hip ailment that he sought advice about surgically correcting as early as last June.
While I respect Bret the warrior and professional, I think he's well past his physical prime and won't add any upside to a defensive corps that gave up the third most even-strength goals in the league last season while delivering bupkis in offensive production.

All I know at this point is the Canes have Barbaro (Hedican) and a china doll (Frankie-called-in-sick Kaberle) at or near the top of their blueline rotation. Go ahead and use the preseason to look at Gleason and the newbs there JR. Methinks a deal will have to get done just to make the Canes blueline a solid no-name defense again.

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