Thursday, September 06, 2007

Silly Racing Stripes

Although I don't want to influence the C/B poll currently capturing your impressions of the new Canes sweaters, I have to say "silly racing stripes" leads for a reason. They should have just left the sweaters alone.

That being said, the 10-year logo is most excellent. I love the big ole "X." I'm gonna mull the tag line, "Our Team. Our Tradition" awhile longer.
(image swiped from Beth.And Hockey)

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magnolia_mer said...

The new logo is fine. Having worked for an ad agency, I've been on the other side of the logo development process. It's a lot like making sausages. So I can't get too excited about this one.

I am thrilled to bits that the new uniforms aren't all that different. The stripes don't even bother me that much. I'm so glad they didn't mess with the design.