Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tanabe in camp?

Luke reports in today's Lord Stanley's Blog post that David Tanabe has been told he's welcome to join the crew at camp. Like most, I'm surprised he hasn't received at least a camp invite. He had a pretty healthy and solid season for a not-so-good team. The Red Wings have invited blueliners Brent Sopel and Jassen Cullimore to their camp...along with enforcers Aaron Downey and the new busboy from Cheli's Chili Bar.

I haven't heard anything about Tanabe being courted by the Chernobyl Gamma Rays of the Russian Super League, so it looks like he really wants to find a new home in the NHL.

If he's not signed or invited to some other team's camp in the coming days, methinks we'll see David Tanabe slowly and menacingly circling around the older and more sickly Canes. Look for him to have a series of "accidents" with his stick that somehow result in chops across Heddy's hamstring and Frankie's knee. Camp might end up looking like one of those National Geographic specials with the lions and the wildebeesties. Problem is, Tanabe has never been much of a lion. He's more like an ostrich with a mild temper.

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Chris said...

He decided to try out St. Louis' camp.