Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Frothy Mug of New Season Justice

No Erik Beckhamcole-no problem
No Scott Walker-still no probem
No Dennis Seidenberg-point suddenly losing momentum

By the way. If Cole got hurt playing soccer, why didn't they just drop him on a stretcher and haul him around 20 yards away from the game? Then he could miraculously heal and pop up ready to go back in the game. That's how things go in Euro soccer. Injuries that appear career-ending usually get healed by the time the strecher gets to the sideline.

This from the Buffalo News-Oo0oo0hh, our boys had to play without Spock-check and Ka-Klingon. The Sabres would have won if they just had a complete team. The still proud and heavily oxidized city of Buffalo deserves it. We've suffered thru horrible winters for generations without a Cup. The only folks left here are Bills and Sabres fans. Everybody else has fled to Phoenix or Boca. We can't even get Snake Plisskin to come here any more. Carolina is not worthy. We want it more! Wah, wah, wah ...

Deja vu back to the late spring of 2006 and the Eastern Conference finals. Suddenly, it's a lot easier to forget the Canes 0-fer season vs. da Slugs last year. Suddenly, it's getting easier to forget last season entirely.

Some real good stuff last night. First of all, forget what I said the other day about the Stay-Pufts. I was misquoted or taken out of myself. All the blueliners delivered last night-bodies in shooting lanes-sticks in passing lanes and no quarter given along the boards. The "D" was an aggressive and attacking bunch of roid-raging Imperial Storm Troopers last night. They didn't just sit back like a human Maginot Line. They aggressively attacked nearly every Slug rush. Glen Wesley and Bret Hedican must have spent their off day with Wilford Brimley in that pool from the movie Cocoon. Maybe that old pool is the real secret to Heddy's rehab and Wes' renewed on-ice vigor and youthful mop of blazing red locks.

Eric Staal experienced total recall night. Duuude, I really am a power forward!?! Lookie what I can do with this big old body and wicked long reach. They can't drive me off the puck if I really want to hold on to it.

Keith Aucoin impressed as well. Kid was always in position to make a play last night-offensively and defensively. I see some Chad LaRose in his game. Hope he doesn't have to suffer thru the hands of stone phase LaRose had to endure.

Through it all, Cam Ward did his best Keith Carradine, as the stoic and wandering Kung Fu monk impersonation. Yessss young Vanek. Try and sieze the pebble from my hand. Thwaaack-glove save. One thing I notice about his game this year is how he almost seems to move in slow motion-even while he stays ahead of the play. One clumsy pad save from his belly was the only blemish on yet another grand performance by the kid. The really great ones always make it look easy. I'm not saying Cam's great or gonna be great, but man he's looked great thus far (knock faux wood laminate).

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