Monday, November 26, 2007

Calling out Justin Williams

The Canes are playing zero sum PP/PK hockey right now. While they lead the league in advantages and power play goals, they are near the bottom of the barrel in killing penalties. Discipline on the defensive side seems to be the missing element from an otherwise successful season to date.

Justin Williams is contributing mightily to things that register in the negative columns. Yes, he is producing points. His nasty wrister the other night vs. the Bolts was Ovechkinesque. That being said, he's a -5 plus/minus over the last five games. He's also racked up 37 penalty minutes to date this season. On his current trajectory, Williams is headed for 126 minutes in penalties by the end of the regular season. That would put him in Derek Boogard/Jody Shelley territory. Justin has start playing a more disciplined game.

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