Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Figurine Day Fast Approaching

Get Yours November 28!

Wufie covered this a couple of weeks back, but I found it necessary to re-set this looming disaster of a promotional give away. You know your swag sucks when you can't even bring yourself to show anything but the base of your giveaway figurine in the home page promo. Yeah, you can still click on the link and see this Ralph Macchio errrrr Mikey from the old Life cereal commercial as Rod Brind'Amour collectible in all its ceramic glory, but just try to hold back the chuckle.

1 comment:

Pokecheck said...

Yeah it looks nothing like Brindy. And the Cup is detachable?! Whatev. But am I going to be at the RBC early to get mine? Yes. Yes I will. As I will for the Cam, Wizard and Staal figgy nights.

I'll decorate this one for Xmas.