Wednesday, November 07, 2007

HS Sports Rant-The Finale

Last night was game one of the state playoffs up in Cave Creek. The kid sits out game one and her team gets beat 25-17. Game two features the player of the year in the region, who just happens to also be the resident team prima donna, experience yet another on court meltdown. Balls are flying off her arms in every direction like bullets bounding off Superman's chest. Head coach, My Boy Sherman, pulls her out for a pep talk. First she won't sit by him down at the end of the bench. When he does get her to join him down there in the cone of consultative silence, she won't look at him, let alone listen to him. She just rants and flails her arms the entire time he's going thru his "I feel your pain" routine. And her reward for throwing this ill-timed tantrum? She goes back in for the next point. Girls rule. Coaches drool.

Game two, down 10-6, the kid goes in on the front row. At 16-12 she finally gets her first set. It's a back set on the right side and she rips a vicious cross-court heater through the hands, and into the chest of the grand daughter of NBA hall of famer, George Mikan. No, she's not 6' 10" like gramps, but she's their star middle blocker. The kid is out again for the back row rotation and they drop game two, 25-15.

She gets into game three at 5-2, and gets two sets. Her first ball is blocked by a kid going to DePaul to play volleyball on a full-ride athletic scholarship. She drives the second ball long. She's out soon after and her club drops the final game 25-15. My kid touches the ball three times all night and registers one kill.

High school season is over-and not a moment too soon. She tells me on the drive home that as mad as she was for being treated like dirt most of the season by her teammates and coaches, she couldn't keep from smiling every time she stepped out on the court. You see, despite it all, she hasn't lost her love for playing the game. Club season starts in December and runs thru June. And I won't mind the grind at all, as long as I get to see that big ole smile again.

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