Sunday, December 02, 2007

Baby You're Starz

Is this Lorenzo Perez-a.k.a Rico Suave?
Very cool post on Kukla's Korner. He's got a link to the HNIC feature about hockey blogging. The piece prominently features JP of Japers' Rink, Bill of A2Y and Liz of On Frozen Blog. Who'dah thought a government lawyer, a defense analyst and a black shoe chief petty officer could be such damn handsome folks. A well done piece by CBC. I especially love how well-versed Ron MacLean is on the best blogs in the business. He doesn't just list them from a script in this feature, he does a live demo from a laptop to show folks how to find the best of the best from the blogroll on Tom Benjamin's site. Hello!?! Mike Sundheim!?!

The whole bloggers aren't journos thing comes up in the piece...again. Who is in this blogging thing to be a journalist? Do you want to hang with that hockey writers guild guy in the HNIC clip? Do you aspire to be that guy? If you do, good on you. Not me. I want to be Jon Press (except the goverment lawyer stuff). The hockey world now knows Jon Press - they know he's hip and he wears a brown sports coat (probably with black shoes) to games. We also have a sense of his personality, what he does for a living and his passion for hockey and hockey blogging. And that hockey writer's guild guy? We know his office is messy and he's skeptical by nature. Yaaawwn....

Same goes for the local hockey journos. I think I've seen a picture of Luke DeCock, but I know nothing about the guy (other than that he answers his emails promptly). His reporting is solid and often laced with humor, but I don't know the man behind the DOS machine. And I know nothing at all about " Lorenzo Perez. When I "Googled" his name, the first image I got was the Rico Suave pic above - and it came from a site you probably don't want your kids to see. So what do we know about you there Lorenzo? Or is your name really "Lorenzo?" Are you now or have you ever been in the witness protection program?

Point is, consumers of media are attracted to compelling personalities. We live in a "have a take-don't suck" world. Hell, the anonymous one stands as living proof that you don't even have to be honest to have a prominent place in the grand circus of hockey culture. Hockey is sports entertainment. Shouldn't the coverage be entertaining as well? I'd probably want to be more like Luke and Lorenzo if I could get to know them better and their handlers let them run free once in awhile.

Lyle Richardson and Paul Kukla were the first wave of new hockey media. Thoughtful hockey 24-7 guys who report and comment responsibly-guys who network their asses off. I hope the next wave includes the Sam Kinison's of hockey blogging. How about the Earl and Jes show on the NHL Network? Gotta be better than Gary Green's House of Malaprops.


JP said...

No way - brown boots, baby.

And thanks for the kind words.

CasonBlog said...

Right out of the J. Peterman catalogue, I'm sure.

IwoCPO said...

Definitely, without question and without exception, black shoes for me.

IwoCPO said...

Oh, and Press was wearing floppy sandals.

CasonBlog said...

Flip-flops eh? He told me he was wearing a manly pair of brown boots. Maybe JP the Marlboro Man is actually more of a Metro Man.