Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Canes "big" free agent a bust?

Defense? You want ME to play defense?

Jeff Hamilton watched three of the last six games from a comfy chair. He's been pretty worthless (1 goal, -5) at even strength. With Matt Cullen in the house, my guess is that JR might take a mulligan on signing Jeff in the off season.

Again tonight, David Tanabe and Craig Adams get the nod while Hamilton watches from on high. To borrow from Abraham Lincoln's quote regarding General McClellan's reluctance to go on the offensive against the Army of Northern Virginia, If Lavvy's not going to use Hamilton, might there be some team who would like to borrow (have) him? At less than $1 mil per year he's day laborer cheap in NHL terms. So is Hammy being dangled as trade bait? Anybody know of a club out there that might be looking for a one-trick PP pony?

I'd like to see some deep digging on what's up with Hamilton.

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DrFrankLives said...

we suck.

Staal is lollygagging

6-0? Not a bad enough beating for how crappily they played tonight. They deserved to be beaten by 15