Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas comes early to C/B

Now occupying a place of honor among my greatest office Christmas gifts

First there was the Homer Simpson hi ball glass. Then the gourd from Hawaii. Last year, it was the disco glitter lamp. This year, Roddy joins my collection. Many thanks to Dave of Carolina On Ice responded to my commentary on Hurricanes figurine night with an offer to send me my very own. Upon closer inspection of my new favorite collectible, the object du art appears to resemble Ralph Malph more than Ralph Macchio. So in keeping with this degrees of separation from Ralph Macchio trend, look for the Ray Whitney figurine to resemble the diminutive original Al of Al's Diner, Eric Staal to evoke memories of Richie Cunningham, and Cam Ward to favor _______ (your call to finish the riff).

Thanks again Dave.


WufPirate said...

You got it bud. We're looking into doing some more "Ebay Chotchkes" for the upcoming figurine nights. Enjoy!

magnolia_mer said...

Cam ward to favor...Potsie?

CasonBlog said...

Mer-My thoughts as well. He's no Fonzie.