Saturday, December 01, 2007

Turr-a-bull. Just turr-a-bull

Pick or create your own "less" to describe human sacrifice night in Buffalo - heartless, lifeless, emotionless, gutless, prideless... If I were John Grahame, I'd go on the IR with an undisclosed upper melon injury till I get moved down or out. Lavvy did a Coach Torts on the poor guy tonight. And we all know how well tough love works on Crackers. Sheesh.

Sometimes a blowout works to clear the mind-the whole you gotta hit rock bottom before you begin the road to recovery thing. I still say this team is N.K.R.-Not Kwite Right. The Ouija board says a shakeup in the works.

The Arizona Wildcats dropped nearly every pass and then the game to the hated Sun Dirtballs and their whiny little girl QB. Future NFL d-back and distant cousin Antoine Cason dropped two interceptions in the end zone. The dream season for Mizzou is done. They are still Oklahoma's bitch.

And my retinas are still hurt from watching hideous uniform day in NCAA football. Oregon with the metallic yellow helmets. Tennessee with the creamsickle jerseys and pants. And West Virginia Technicolor canary yellow. Death to the Nike design department.

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