Monday, December 03, 2007

Marvin Lewis and the lowly Bengals

I'm a Cincinnati Bengals fan. Been one since my first game as a kid at Nippert Stadium in 1969. Last night's Ben-Gals performance made me want to hurl. The QB from lil ole Miami University who was told by his high school coach and Ohio State he should catch passes instead of throwing them once again made the Bengals' 2002 Heisman Trophy winner and USC glamour boy look like the second coming of Ryan Leaf. Ben just went about his business, finding ways to make plays, while Palmer launched 3rd down and ten bombs into the photo gallery.

When is Mike Brown gonna wake up and realize that Marvin Lewis is a fraud. He's a Brian Billick guy. At least Brian Billick is a fraud with a superbowl ring as a head coach. I think Bill Callahan could have won a Super Bowl in 2000 with that Ravens defense. Marvin Lewis' Bengals are never ready for the big games. The Bengals had no answer for the simple slant pass to Hines Ward. They gave him a 5-7 yard cushion every time, and he used em up. Marvin Lewis as a defensive genius my tuckus. Bengals defenses have been among the worst defenses in the league the whole time Lewis has been in charge. And Lewis' Bengals only play out of their minds when nothing is on the line. There is no team in the NFL that showboats more and brings less to back it up. Think back to Chad Johnson's little Hall of Fame coat bit during game one versus the Ravens.

Last night, Carson Palmer was throwing passes as though Manute Bol was his go-to receiver. And when he did find the mark with a pass, it was usually dropped. If you watch any Bengals games, you've probably noticed Palmer and TJ or Ocho Cinco yelling at each other on the sidelines when things start to go bad. Nice team chemistry there Marvin. Your boys got each other's back.

I've made it to now without bitching about the questionable character of many on the Bengals roster. That's all been dissected before. Bottom line is the Cincinnati Bengals are a team with no heart, no brains and no courage.


WufPirate said...

... and no clean criminal records!

CasonBlog said...

W-W-O-T-D? Wonder What Odell Thurman's Doing? You can't go tentative-thug, you gotta make the full commitment.