Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Recchi is out

Still love using this picture. According to tsn.com, last night was Mark Recchi bobblehead night in the Burg. Today he was told to bobble his ass out the door. They say he's lost it. I think he had it as early as the summer of 2006. Look at the physique on that ole Recchin Ball! Why he's a modern day Buster Crabbe. Saggy man-boobs are way sexy. I outta know. (too much personal information?)

Recchi came back to the Pens cause that's where he and momma wanted to finish out a career. Good luck Mark. You deserved better. I blame the cult of Crosby.

PM UPDATE: Darren Dreger on tsn.com hints at where Recchi might end up.

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