Thursday, December 06, 2007

St. Pete is a Place of Death

Laser guidance devices on the blades of their sticks couldn't have helped the Canes make a crisp pass tonight. On the PP, it looked like the Canes were more interested in working out their kinks than in putting a puck on net. By God, I'm gonna make that perfect pass tonight if it kills us, says Matt Cullen. Shoot the puck and crash the net!!!! Crash somebody. Crash something. Cute hockey is death.

Once again tonight, the boys just didn't have it. I think they worked hard, but in the end they performed like a bunch who were playing together for the first time. The cycle goes on. It's been a W-L-W-L end of November into December.

More ice time for Andrew Ladd tonight, including quality time in the waning moments and a second period fight. Anaheim fights...a lot. Can you say "showcase?"

Contrast the Canes v. Ning tilt with the Pens v. Flames later in the evening. That was a wide open and physical game. The Phaneuf-Crosby-Roberts dynamic was especially tasty. You can hate on Crosby for being the Justin Timberlake of the NHL, but the kid shys away from nothing. He's gonna have Forsberg-style maladies later in his career because every trip to the endboards ends up in a Twister scrum.


The Chad said...

they, uh, play in Tampa.

John said... the St. Pete Times Forum.

CasonBlog said...

Oh, now you're nit-picking. Wasn't another night of domination enough for you Der Chad? I was shorthanding St. Pete Times Forum. My folks live in Bradenton.

The Chad said...

fair enough