Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Three Ducks Trade Scenarios

Now is the time on Sprokets wenn vee wildly speculate

Scenario 1
The signing of Bruno St. Jacques affirms that the Ducks will be looking to move a blueliner. Mathieu Schneider is wicked pricey now and will be more expensive in his next/last contract year. He's also 38 and Jewish. Old Jewish guys on the verge of retirement want to go to Florida. Tells me it's gonna be Schneider for Olli Jokinen, thus proving those some pundits who've teased a Jokinen deal for years were right all along.

Scenario 2
Todd Marchant has been a healthy scratch lately. He also makes way too much money to be sitting in the skybox. He's a grinding centerman. On the Ducks, everybody grinds...and kidney punches...and crosschecks...and so on. Thus, he's excesss baggage. So what team would be willing to take on a $2.5 mil/yr 4th line center? Without Kevyn Adams, the Blackhawks are a just a bunch of lost snot-nosed newbies in need of a Sargeant Hulka. Marchant will be the big toe those boys need. Marchant to Chicago for the Sergei Samsonov who will bring the (periodic) scoring touch the Ducks have lacked on their roster. I think Sergei just needs a change of scenery...again.

Scenario 3
Bruno St. Jacques was just signed and called up. He's from Quebec. The Ducks can't bring up one Gaul without restoring the cultural balance in the clubhouse. Too many Frenchmen on a team means surrender is the most imminent threat to your playoff chances. So to move Beauchemin, they must either sign a free agent mime or call up another Quebecois. I say they'll call up prospect goalie Jean-Phillipe Levasseur (sexy French, no?) and send down the Prussian-sounding Jonas Heil Hiller to make the deal work. France wins. Germany (Switzerland, Oh what's the difference?) loses. All is well in Francophone world. So, it looks like the Ducks will move Francois Beauchemin to the Canes for Johnny Crackers. Woooo Hoooo! Deal of the millennium baby!

There you go. Three very viable scenarios. One's gotta be right, right?


d-lee said...

Scenario three would be sweet, but if we trade Crackers, we need another goaltender.
Leighton would have to clear re-entry waivers on the way up, and there's no way that he would.
As much as I hate Crackers, I think it's too risky.
We just have to ride this season out, then re-sign leighton as the #2 guy.
Or make a trade for some other goalie.

CasonBlog said...

Reality bites.

DMG said...

I doubt the Panthers would give up their 29 year old first line center and captain for a 38 year old defeseman. Plus Jokinin's cap hit is $5.25M this year and next; Schneider's is 5.5 and 5.75 and I don't think that clears enough cap space.