Thursday, January 03, 2008

Adieu Johnny Grahame

We got us a good old fashioned goalie controversy brewing!

Ladies and gentlemen. In this corner, in the black breezers, please welcome the pride of Petrolia, Ontario, Mr. Michael Leighton. The best goalie in the AHL makes his return to the show-probably tomorrow night in the ATL. I wonder if Ward will handle taking a back seat to Leighton with as much class as Grahame.

The Canes waived John Grahame. JR might have tried to shop Grahame and his 44 goals allowed in 13 games. Talk about dealing from a position of weakness. Like to see him end up in Denver. Grahame survived a Napalming by Coach Torts. He'll survive this setback as well. Good luck John. I'll miss your mask.

Lets hope Leighton will step in and shut the door on the cheapies Cam Ward has been giving up. I think this move probably fixes very little, unless something happens on the blueline. The Canes are still playing matador defense. C/B calls for more Borer and less Seidenberg.

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