Monday, January 21, 2008

Andy Sutton is a Succubus

Awhile back, I was watching an NYI/ATL tilt and was surprised at the extent to which Andy Sutton was booed by the ATL faithful every time he touched the puck. It was Prongeresque. I posted a query over at Southeast Shootout asking why the venom for the former Thrash. Matt Gunning of Do Thrashers Have Large Talons, pointed me to a post in his archives featuring the image in this post. I thought it appropriate to share Matt's rendition of Sutton on a day when Andy pretty much cost his club any chance to win in OT with a stupid crosscheck in front of the Islanders' goal.

Nice comeback Canes. Lady luck was good to the boys from down south as well.

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The Falconer said...

The SuccuSutton lives on!!! Beware!!!