Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Begrudging respect for Koval-Kilt

Hope Kovvy's not hurt too bad. As much as I detest his showboating and petulence, he's no Sean Avery. I spent part of this evening looking at YouTube vids of past Avery shennanigans. In the first couple page views, You'll find a sucker punch on Shane Doan while Doan was on his hands and knees. And you'll see a stick chop to the neck on Rick Dipietro. Then waving the blade of his stick in the face of Darcy Tucker. And a bull rush on Marty Brodeur.

So hats off to Kovvy for this tilt with Avery last season after a dirty hit from behind in front of the bench. Note how Paulie Mara steps in and attempts to interfere with the ass-whooping Kovvy was about to put on Avery:


Bubba said...

How in the world did Mara not get 3rd man in on that play? Unbelievable.

CasonBlog said...

There ought to be an unwritten man-law within the NHLPA that says teammates have to count five Mississippi's before coming to Avery's aid.