Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Funny with Red State Update

" New Hampshire hates Jesus!"
-Dunlap, 2008
I admit it. I'm a political junkie. I don't inject much of it into this blog largely because edgy and sarcastic takes on hockey rarely invite the death threats you get from offering political analysis. I know I'm at least a couple of months behind on most media trends, so forgive me if you all already know about Jackie, Dunlap and Red State Update. I think most folks discovered the boys when one of their UTube questions made it to the CNN Democratic Debate. I missed that media extravaganza. Must have been watching Full House reruns that night. Anyway, I discovered the boys from Murfreesboro just yesterday. Spent around an hour last night going thru dozens of these "updates," and laughed so hard on the "Gays Hate Obama" episode that I started crying.

I dig the fact that the boys are equal-opportunity comedic grenade throwers. They make fun of old and disinterested Fred Thompson with as much vigor as they do cute little John Edwards. To me, popular left-wing radio and TV pundits come across as hyper-caffeinated, snotty and perpetually angry. Right-wingers, with the exception of Rush and Dennis Miller, are dogmatic and paranoid about Hillary. Jackie and Dunlap offer refreshingly stereotypical southern man takes to the national political discourse.

Today they recap the Iowa Caucususses. Here are some other episodes I found particularly savory:

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