Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fury is good

Didn't get to see the first period last night. Thanks #1 Son for your mad DVR programming skills. Had to see the Walker brawl on the NHL Network later. Scotty's hit on Gomer was cleaner hit than Orr's on Cullen. And of course it brought out Avery in full punk mode. Nice blind-side attack on Walker there you little girl. Only hockey's pre-eminent bitch would drop the gloves and takes a full swing at Walker before Scotty even knows he's there. Scott Walker is a man. Sean Young Avery wishes he was half a man.

OBTW, did you notice that both Staal's were on the ice and in that corner? Marc Staal laid a wimpy cross-check on Walker before Avery did his one man Pearl Harbor re-enactment. Eric went after Avery but Tim Gleason and Jaro Jagr (of all people) joined the scrum ahead of Eric. Might have been nice to see a little Staalsy Civil War action. Any video out there of the Brookbank/Orr tilts?

In other news
Alas, no more George Hamilton, aka Zorro the Gay Blade PP Specialist jokes. The Canes big coup free agent signing looks like he's on the way out the door. I'm sure JR tried to peddle Jeff Hamilton to one of those teams looking for a deal on a sniping forward. The deal might be on re-entry.

Ray Emery's fine for being late to practice amounted to one-day's pay - around $14,500. Don't you wish $14,500 meant nothing to you? For guys like Ray, it's just "Straight cash Homey."

Hey dad's! Plan on sending your little princess to Arizona State University. She'll enjoy sun, fun, not too challenging academics (see question #2) and maybe even receive special invites to serve as a Super Bowl party ho errr hostess.

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