Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Game nights as Alamo re-sets

Last night was like watching that old Alamo movie for the hundredth time. You know the outcome is gonna be bad, but somehow you stay glued. Then ole Davy Crockett shows up. Hey, maybe those Texians have a chance tonight! Now old Santa Ana is in for it. A bunch of shoeless Mexican conscripts can't beat the Duke even on his worst day. Oooh, I like it when Colonel Travis draws the line in the sand. How very Spartan of the dapper young lawyer turned warrior chieftain. When it's all over and the Duke is overwhelmed by the self-proclaimed Napoleon of the West's hordes, you sit back and say, Damn, why'd I sit thru that again? I knew what was gonna happen. This story always ends the same. Same thing with Canes games like the one last night. Substitute Kaberle, Commodore and Cole in the roles played by the Duke, Richard Widmark, and Chill Wills. Chad LaRose is this team's Chill Wills.

Naming Names

From the man who brought you Staal to Edmonton (e3), we now have Cole to Bubba (e3). For Marek Zidlicky? Pass.

Here are some names listed as players of interest to the Canes over at The Fourth Period . It's a feature they call, "Top 25 Available Players." Not sure what the threshold is for these guys to qualify as "available," but I'm sure it's pretty predictable. Team needs, contract status, lack of performance to date, etc. Let's break it down...

Marek Zidlicky-Moving Zid will give the Preds room to re-sign Ryan Suter and Shea Weber-guys they would probably much rather love long time than Marek. He's scheduled to go from $3.2 mil to $3.5 next season on a contract that extends thru the 2010 season. Big investment for a PP specialist. But hey, the Canes have had great luck with Euro PP QB's...cough cough Tverdovsky...cough Kaberle.

Jan Michael Vincent Liles - Blue Light Special version of Zidlicky. He'll make $1.4 thru this season and will become a UFA once this season is done. If he can be had on the cheap and his presence would guarantee a nightly healthy scratch on Kaberle, I'm all for it.

Brad Stuart - He's paid $3.5 mil this season and then can go UFA. I wouldn't pay $3.5 for him and I sure wouldn't want to negotiate to re-sign him for $4 mil plus. He's been shopped and packaged before and can't seem to find a home.

Not many really good options eh? Cole might bring a solid return, but to get the top defensemen this team needs, I think JR is going to have to find a club desperate for the speed and physicality that Erik might/could bring.

In the end analysis, one or two new bodies won't guarantee a change for the better in team culture. Those left still have to have a lot more fire in their bellies than they do now. I wish the Canes were playing like Texians at the Alamo right now instead of like the French at ___________(pick your conflict).

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