Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Canes v. Oil in The Winter Flaccid

Just to rub it in one last time.

Memories, like the corners of my mind. Misty water-colored memories of the way we were...

Babs, circa 1970

Canes v Oil in the Winter Flaccid. Two struggling teams facing a very tough road to a playoff berth. Shells of their former selves. Bitter Oil fans with an angst that only burning more of Chris Pronger's rental furniture can cure. Canes fans "celebrating" two really good seasons out of an entire decade in the Old North State.

C/B No Spin Zone Talking Points for tonight's game.

1. Scratch Frankie Kaberle tonight and send him and some high-end-Ho off for a weekend on a hilltop with two bathtubs and a big jar of Cialis.

2. Lavvy should send any Cane who makes a lazy pass across the defensive zone directly to the Rec Zone to begin bag skating.

3. Make Bret Hedican play without a stick since he only used his last night to hook people.

4. Send Emmet Tracy to that same marathon bag skate session the second he offers his excuse de jour. Make him skate holding a cinder block if the excuse is, "Ooooh, the Canes just ran into a hot goalie tonight."

Some of the best bloggers in the biz are Oil-Fans. Check out their stuff as we approach the Flaccid:


magnolia_mer said...

You know what the team needs?

Tom Cruise!

After all, he could take ONE look at the Canes and tell them exactly what's wrong and what they need to do differently. Because he SEES, see...

*big raspberry*

Black Dog said...


And oh ... boo! Hiss!

Carry on.

magnolia_mer said...

Making the rounds. High Five!!!