Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Samsonov's first goal as a Cane?

Dee plane boss! Dee plane!
Yeah, he comes cheap, but here are my quick takes on the Canes signing of Sergei Samsonov:
1. Zero goals in 41 games. That's Zeppelin caliber floating.

2. LaRose 5'10", Walker 5'10', Letowski 5'10", Whitney 5'10", Aucoin 5'9", and now Samsonov 5'8". Does Eklund have an e4 on Muggsy Bogues to Carolina?

3. Are the Canes in danger of becoming the Wirtz family's dumping ground for disenchanted Bolsheviks? That whole Anton Babchuk thing worked out real well.

4. If Danny Markov were a Cane, he would kick Samsonov's sulking little ass at the first sign of a pout. Have I beaten that dead horse into dust yet?

And Jan Michael Vincent as rumored in a deal coming with Avalanche for a pick? Great. I'd like to see JR extend this 5'10" or smaller thing to the blueline. Look on the bright side Caniacs. If the Canes miss the playoffs again this spring, they still might have a shot at doing Stonehenge with a Spinal Tap.

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