Thursday, January 17, 2008

Uncle Coach Brian?

Frances-Get yer soft little euro-ass off my ice!!!
JR warmed up the bus yesterday, and then promptly threw Craig Adams under it today. So who's next? Yeah, I know this guy has a ranch in Red Deer and he's coaching his brother's team. Might be nice to consider a former Jack Adams award winner with a mean streak if somebody is told by his boss that he really needs to resign so he can spend more time with his family.

So, would Brandon call him Coach Sutter or Uncle Brian? How might Cam Ward respond to Sutterworld part deux?


magnolia_mer said...

Yep. I'm thinking Lavi might want to start packing.

CasonBlog said...

You always have to ask, If we fire this guy, who's out there, available and better to step in. Sutter was about the only name I could find...besides Scotty Bowman.