Thursday, February 14, 2008

C/B Link and Advertising Policy

Hi all-I get a fairly steady stream of requests to swap links and place ads on C/B. I enjoy finding new blogs and bloggers to add to the lists, and I want this blog to be a big tent. So please welcome to the Blog Roll the following Caniacs:

  • Caniac D -Blogging on a Fox Sports community site. Don't know the feller yet, but maybe this will serve to promote an introduction.
  • Matt Karash - Yeah, he's a member of the Hockey Buzz Evil Empire, but Bubba vouches for him.
  • Dr. Frank: The Stinging Nettle - The good doctor blows in an out of here now and again with a pithy take. His blog is mostly about left of Mao politics, but he's a hockey guy, so he must be all right. Check it out. He's got a post today about Al Gore endorsing John Dillinger for Congress. You know Al Gore invented the Tommy Gun.

C/B Link Policy: I want to link to those who want to expand the hockey dialog fraternity. I don't want to link to you if you only want to expand your little empire. In keeping with this policy, a couple of sites with the name "Arena" in them have been excommunicated. I've had them on the roll for a couple of months, but got no love back. Man, I was really looking forward to seeing my very own stylized Web button join their roll.

C/B Advertising Policy: Folks in Raleigh or the Carolinas who want to advertise to Caniacs are welcome to make a pitch. For me this blog is a connection to the Canes and the Piedmont, so I'd enjoy working with folks to promote events and business in the region. I don't have any interest in joining a ticket brokerage network or promoting via link or ad, things not related to the Canes and hockey culture.

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WufPirate said...

You sell out. I kid, I kid.

We're all a big family, but like yourself, I don't consider "Cheap tickets to Celine Dion at the RBC!!!" an ad that I would ever place on the blog, or expect anyone to ever click.