Monday, February 11, 2008

Corvo and Eaves-Dig it, if...

JR sends Cory Stillman and Mike Commodore to Ottawa for Joe Corvo and Patrick Eaves. Looks like JR finally got his man. Both Cory and Mike are pending unrestricted free agents, so they probably did not fit into the Canes plans for next season. At first glance you might look at this move simply as out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new; maybe just an investment in the future by JR. Corvo comes over on a very affordable contract ($2.5-$2.75 thru 2010) and Eaves is making less than a mil, and he'll be a RFA at the end of this season. Nobody is going to throw Dustin Penner cash at Eaves.

Corvo's presence might have more immediate impact. That impact might be realized in the box score, and it might be evident on the trade wire as we approach the deadline. With Corvo on scene, what's Frank Kaberle's role? Frank might be an affordable missing piece for somebody at the deadline. He did play real well in 2006. Memba his game seven goal all you GM's out there?

Patrick Eaves is intriguing. He's a coaches kid and a fiesty forechecker. He's prone to head and orthopedic injuries because of his style of play, but he leaves it all on the ice. He also has a scorer's touch Trevor Letowski et al don't display. Instant upgrade on the PK...once he returns from his latest malady. Have the Canes taken on a Mini-Cole?

So, bottom line is I dig this deal if:

1. Corvo is finally all grow'd up. No more whining about media zealotry. No more beating up women in bars. No more wild-ass passes in the defensive zone. No more golden hi-lites in the harido - and ditch the silly death metal goatee. This gay viking raider look has to go.

2. Eaves starts endorsing and wearing Ironman brand protective gear. No, not Under Armor - I mean Iron Man, as in Tony Stark. Boy does the club no good when he's on the DL, IR or unable to perform list.

Thank you Cory Stillman. You are a class guy. You embody what I love about most hockey players. No bling. No entourage. Team and family first. The Sens just got a lot better on the PP. I wish you were heading to the Western Conference.

Thank you Mike Commodore. You really grew up as a Cane. The Flames showed you no love, but you found it in droves as a Hurricane. Beyond the big hair, you are a bigger-than-life guy. The Ottawa clubhouse just got a lot more fun. I wish you were heading to the Russian Super Secluded Siberian League. I sense pain on the horizon for many a Cane forward.


WufPirate said...

Corvo's punishment for the assault? 30 hours of community service. What kind of service? "Signed autographs and made appearances." Wow.

BTW, Gay viking raider fits his look to a tee.

The Acid Queen said...

At least he served it--AFAIK, Heatley still hasn't served out his CS sentence.

And if Corvo does anything like that here, he better pray the cops get to him before I do.

CasonBlog said...

No Wufie-I meant "gay," as in happy-go-lucky, not "Gay," as in not that there's anything wrong with that.

magnolia_mer said...

My only question is, what took so durn long to pull the trigger on the deal?