Friday, February 08, 2008

High Noon in the Nation's Crapital

I think we'll know a lot about the Canes chances at a stetch run tonight. Ovvy and company are hungry, physical and fearless. Mike Green leads all NHL defensemen in goals scored. Alex Ovechkin leads in goals scored and points. They've got two experienced goalies and a coach riding high on the glow of being a new guy who's had to wait a long time for his shot.

Bubba's in their house
One of our own is about to pull an end-around on the glass ceiling. Check out Canes Country tonight and tomorrow for some Bubbalicious updates from press row at the Canes/Caps game tonight. Sucks that he has to go to DC to get what is not forthcoming from the team he supports with such passion. Come on powers that be! Embrace the bloggers. If you think I'm a loose cannon, fine. Ban me. I live in Arizona anyway. If you need to ban Dave of Carolina on Ice because of his big fist an ubiquitous adult beverages, go ahead and ban him too. He'd probably find better entertainment along the way anyhoo.

Piece on The Fourth Period today expresses the belief that JR is looking again at Joni Pitkanen of Edmonton. When that deal last fell through didn't we all muse that his commitment to team and to commitment was questionable? He might end up a good fit with the current Canes blueline crew. His 16 points would make him a relative superstar.


WufPirate said...

Maybe it's because they haven't seen my power drinking fist that they haven't embraced me.

CasonBlog said...

With that fist schtick you should enjoy more glow than those Dumb and Dumber guys. Maybe even more than hockey stick hurricane warning flag guy. Maybe your big ole fist holding up a Czech flag every time Frances touches the puck?