Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hold yer cards JR

Britney gets Dr. Phil - The Canes get Dr. Somnambula

What in blazes was Mike Commodore doing pinching late on a Staal-on-three rush late in the third period? He must have counted four or five Mississippi's before he started lumbering to get back into the play. And when he does dive into an ill-timed pinch - as he did last night and previously in Pittsburgh - where's his backup? Is it still a surprise to his fellow Canes when he pinches? Sometimes it looks like Staal-on-five out there.

I'm starting to transition from musing about the missing piece(s) the Canes might bring in at the trade deadline to a more pragmatic look at who they might be able to dump at the deadline. Time to think about thinning this herd of its old, sick and more somnambulant members. Yup it's darn near Rent-a-Hedigucchi time. If this squad is still alternating solid nights with craptacular ones over the next nine games, they could well be 6 to 10 points out of the SE Division lead.

Regardless of whether the Canes are in the hunt or clearly in a tailspin, I'd like to see JR make some moves on or about Feb 26. Here's what I'd pleasantly surprised to see:

1. Erik Cole, his remaining power forward allure, his $4 mil, and his 11 goals off to a Western Conference Team. Unfortunately, he didn't show Nashville very much last night-one shot all night. Erik's only got two more points this season than Justin Williams, and Justin's been out since before Christmas. He's slated to make $4 mil thru next season. He's not worth that kind of cash at this point in his injury-plagued career.

2. Mike Commodore packaged to a place where better defensemen can lead the offensive charge and he can go back to playing a physical and positionally sound game in a 3rd pairing. Let his new club find a way to pay him the $3 mil or so he'll demand.

3. Andrew Ladd to Chicago for Cam Barker. I know defensemen take longer to evolve, but this might be a fairly even swap of two injury-plagued 2004 first round selection duds.

Deals that might bring the likes of J-M Liles, Marek Zidlicky (nice hit on Staal last night), Jarrett Stoll, and/or Phil Kessel sound nice.


Ashley said...

Somnambulant? Man, you made me pull out the dictionary. Thanks for building my vocabulary. :)

CasonBlog said...

Not sure it's even a word. I just wanted to riff on Michael Rennie as the Sandman in a description of the Canes sleepwalking style of play.