Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mormina Time - Break it down

With the flu bug making its way again thru the Carolina clubhouse, Joey Mormina was among the call ups from Albany. So I says to myself -Self, who the Hell is Joey Mormina? He's a product of hockey powerhouse Colgate, and thus a veteran of many a hard-fought Colgate vs. Palmolive tilts. Joey is 6-6 and 230 lbs, loves origami and was a July addition to the Canes farm system. He doesn't show up as a top prospect in the Hockey's Future db. Joey was drafted in the 6th round (193rd pick) by the Flyers and spent some time in the LA Kings system.

Here's a snip from a Hockey's Future interview with Joey from 2005:

HF: You’re a big guy, but you seem to play more of a finesse game. How would you describe your style of play?

JM: I'm definitely a defensive kind of defenseman by nature. Like I said, I've had to adjust and play on the power play. But, my primary game has been in the defensive zone, making good decisions, using my head out there, smart passes, working on the penalty kill. Pretty basic stuff like that. Nothing fancy, nothing overly physical. Just going out every night and trying to get the job done.

The video clip below isn't memorable because of the scrum, but the tasty hit that Joey lays on a Marlie just before all the sweater grabbing is worth a look.

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