Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Road Trip

It's Rodeo Week in Tucson, so it will be a short school week. Number one son is off today to visit his grandparents in Florida. He's been a huge Florida Gators fan since around age 5, and tomorrow he takes the official campus tour. Despite my best efforts to convince him not to appear as too much of a homer, I fear he will don his Tim Tebo jersey, Gator hat and Gator Crocs.

Here's some insight into a teenage boy in all his glory. He packed no socks other than the ones he's wearing right now. He says that's why they invented washing machines. He is wearing a belt, but running it thru the belt loops in the back of his jeans wasn't a real priority this morning. I apologize in advance to the folks in the airport terminals he will encounter. My son will be the one sporting the Gator hat and the unsightly refrigerator repairman droop. Oh yeah, he lost his high school ID sometime before Christmas and didn't get around to telling us it was gone-gone until around 6:30 am today.

Have fun Sluggie.

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