Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Soft Bigotry of Canadiocentrism

Fred and Barney-the good old days
Looking over some of the articles and quotes iI found in after action reports after the big Ottawa/Carolina trade, I was struck by two things. One was how important it seemed in the Great White North that Mike Commodore and Cory Stillman were Canadians returning to the motherland. Two, was how thin-skinned Joe Corvo seems to be.

Canadiocentrism on the rise

It seems hockey players in Canada live life in a Britney Spears/TMZ-Canada bubble. Yeah? So is Ottawa really a tougher hockey town than Philly? And I guess only Canadians can handle that level of scrutiny. I like how it's just assumed that Canadians crave the opportunity to "come home" and play in places like, oh I don't know, say Toronto. Are they men, or are they Salmon? Do they have to swim back up stream to the creek bed of their birth or will any Canadian city or province suffice? Ol Chris Pronger couldn't wait to get out of Canada. Let's see, 50 below zero from October thru March, vs. Laguna Beach? Ooooh, tough choice. And do you think single guys - Canadian or otherwise - would rather take a shot at UNC Cheerleader Holly or Canadian Sunshine Girl Roxanne? You take Holly home to meet your mother. Roxanne takes you out back, kicks your ass and steals your HGH. I ranted a bit about this in today's CanesCast, but I think Andy wisely left that tirade on the digital cutting room floor. Here's Bryan Murray's take snipped from LSB:
“I don’t know whether it was the pressure or never having a life away from the building, but he felt that Joe would enjoy going to an American team,” Murray told the Ottawa Sun. “He wanted to play where there was less scrutiny. He just couldn’t handle the pressure here.

“People like to talk hockey here and they live hockey. They don’t talk (hockey) in Raleigh very much. He’ll probably thrive in that environment and I like guys who thrive under pressure.” (This isn't the first time the Senators have played that somewhat-odd card. Ottawa coach John Paddock has repeatedly mentioned that Martin Gerber flourished in Carolina because "they only have one beat writer.")

Here are some other snips:
"You welcome this: A couple of Canadian guys who have Stanley Cups. They've both been key factors in the Cup wins they've been on," said Ottawa centre Jason Spezza.

For Murray, bringing home two Canadians who should thrive in a hockey-mad environment, was a huge factor in the deal. With 17 Canadians now on the roster, the Senators have never looked so homegrown. And in a 13-year NHL career, Stillman has never been so close to his hometown.

Lighten up Francis
I guess Joe Corvo brought much of this on himself by asking repeatedly to be dealt to an American city. Despite what Murray and Corvo said, I don't think it's an American players are fish out of water in Canada thing. I think it's a Joe Corvo has a fragile psyche thing.
“It’s hard to understand if you haven’t played in Canada,” Corvo said. “The media here at times can be completely ridiculous, the way they can take some of the stories that are nothing and make something out of them.”

Welcome to Raleigh Joe. OBTW, I too like to take stories that are nothing and turn them into something. Usually it's something absurd, but I guess guys like me are Raleigh's version of the Canadian hockey paprazzi. Just don't let us catch you clubbing without your panties on.


Ashley said...

Are they men or are they Salmon?

I'm not sure what's so special about it, but that quote makes me laugh out loud.

And hungry for sushi.

CasonBlog said...

You have a penchant for the absurd. We must be related.

Bubba said...

You might have a fragile psyche too if everyone called you "Uh Oh Cason-o"...


WufPirate said...

Your post got me fired up.

Dear Bryan Murray, we talk hockey.

Well put, CB.

magnolia_mer said...

I just write it off to jealousy and leave it at that. Our United States are messed up sometimes, but they're still hella awesome.

CasonBlog said...

I already have a fragile psyche, but don't have the $2.75 mil contract that would allow me to buy an escape villa in Cabo and an entourage of lackeys to tell me how great I am.

I agree Mer. We are more awesomer. The coolest Canadians ever were those Acadians who fled to New Orleans and gave us Mardi Gras and third world caliber political corruption.

East of Here said...

Just who do they think they are with their colorful money and beavers on coins?

I personally think that Corvo just got sick of hearing Gordon Lightfoot on the radio all the damn time. [Singing '...the dreck that they call Suckytoonage'...]

celebutopia said...

it's very sweety