Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vegas Epilogue

The 2008 Las Vegas Volleyball Classic is history, and my kid's team finished the tourney with a perfect record: 0-9. Overall, Tucson did not represent. Our fair city's two clubs sent three teams, and all of us finished around the 100 out of 120 mark.

Sunday featured a match between my kid's club and a Vegas club. In their starting lineup was a 6'-6" kid playing on the front row. In game two, my kid went up to spike a ball that was low and tight against the net, and Gigantor treated her with all the courtesy of an Ent sacking Isengard. My kid is a measely 6'-1". Now that kinda height would be considered big in Tucson, but on this stage she was a mere sapling. Looking on the bright side however, it was a nice spotlight match for all the kids in that gym since coaches from Stanford, Washington, USC, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan and Florida were in attendance to scout Gigantor.

We sat next to former UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian and his family on Sunday. Tark looked like every other doting grandpa in the crowd, except he sported a shiny gold Nike swoosh on the collar of his green polo shirt. Time has taken a toll on the coaching legend. When I and another dad hollered to him, he flashed a made for TV smile, but he didn't seem able to focus on us. He then needed help to get up the four bleacher steps to his seat. And he didn't even bring a towel.

Canes and Bruins tonight. Glad I missed another Jersey swamp massacre yesterday. What is the answer for a Devils blueline that has career days versus the Canes? You can't stop Johnny Oduya, but is there any Cane who can at least contain this scoring machine?

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