Friday, February 29, 2008

Working for the Weekend

Missed last night's game and only saw highlights on NHL On the Fly. Maybe we saw the other side of Joe Corvo last night? Just an observation from the 20 seconds I had to watch the highlights. I promise to spend some quality time tonight with the DVR.

Last night was video shoot night at the Arizona/USC basketball game. I had a crew in the McKale Center filming for an upcoming student recruitment/YouTube video. The house was packed. More than 14,000 Wildcat faithful in attendance - 50% red-shirted students, and 50% red v-neck sweatered octogenarians. My media pass got me a place down on the floor right by the exit for the officials.

If you saw the game last night, you probably most remember the knucklehead from the Zona Zoo student's section throwing a water bottle at the USC bench in the closing seconds. Well seconds before, USC forward Devon Jefferson dunked the ball and then proceeded to taunt the crowd his entire trip back up the floor. Not that Jefferson's Sean Avery emulating display justifies the attempted assault with a deadly beverage. I hear they got the toss on video (not my crew) and junior will be summarily transferred to ASU.

A few things I noticed last night.

  • Jay Bilas took time to sign autographs for kids and talk with the fans. He also had on a sweet pair of brushed black suede loafers.
  • The old people in the McKale Center were every bit as obnoxious as the students. Thousands of octagenarians screaming, waving bony fingers and foaming at the mouth at every foul call. One old coot was on Tim Floyd all night-from about five feet away.
  • OJ Mayo is the real deal. He works his ass off every play, and he's ice with the ball in his hands.
  • Our "phenom," Chase Budinger, has dreams of playing in the NBA. He looked like Butters from South Park last night. Nearly the entire USC squad had their way with him. He looked totally lost. After the game he showered and came out to sulk in the stands by himself. Later, I think his parents came down to sit with him. Man, the pressure these kids are under when they are still trying to figure so much out about themselves. And you know the haters, users and entourage wanna-bees are always circling like buzzards waiting to zoom in for their share of the goodies...or a chunk of the carcass.

Happy weekend all. I've got volleyball Saturday, Sunday and Monday night. In tribute to the potential return to action of Canes defenseman Dennis Seidenberg, I leave you with Dana Carvey and Steve Carell in a bit I think is titled, Germans Who Say Nice Things.

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