Monday, March 17, 2008

Ruutu and Corvo

Shades of Bill Laimbeer

A couple of weeks into the Tuomo Ruutu era and I have to say junior is not long on the roster. You can see why this kid spent so much time on the IR with "The Indian." He's either thumping somebody or getting thumped by lots of somebodies on every shift. Our boy, Mikey Commodore, seemed to be especially fixated on hurting lil Tuomo yesterday. With two dumb penalties in the first period, Commodore wasn't much of a help to his new squad in the big reunion match.

One nasty little thing Tuomo does is that Bill Laimbeer box-out along the boards. When he senses somebody about to close on him, he launches himself backwards at the last second and lays a wicked body blow on the opponent. Eric Staal just establishes position and takes the beating. Ruutu likes to set the tone for the encouter by landing the first blow.

Another nasty little thing Tuomo does is whip dangerous passes across the neutral zone. The last one to a streakin Joe Corvo was money, but the 10 previous ones were rather frightening. Gonna have to keep an eye on Ruutu's penchant for doing the Brett Favre into triple coverage thing.

Joe Corvo was moving like Alec Baldwin in the Shadow yesterday. They didn't seem to have a clue on where he was or how to stop him. The Ottawa announcers were fairly kind all night to Paddy Eaves and Corvo. Only snarky thing I heard was one of them saying Corvo never shot that straight when he as a Sen. Luke covered Frankie's renaissance the other day, but my two cents would be that Joe being Joe lets Sister Frances Kaberle get back to being Frankie Kaberle again. Corvo's aggressive and attacking style is the goose the Canes need from the blueline. JR does it again. I am not worthy....

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