Friday, April 25, 2008

Bengals Pre-Draft Rant

I used to dig Ocho...errr Chad Johnson's act. It was fresh. Dude was irreverent. It was all in good fun. After a season of watching Johnson throw hissy fits and drop balls at crunch time, this Bengals fan (since 1968) has had enough. I've had enough of the Bengals being a sideshow. I've had enough of seeing this team and evn finer city ridiculed for the parade of thugs and misfits who've donned the multistripe-ed jersey.

Last fall, Colin Cowherd did a bit on his ESPN radio show asking folks to suggest tag lines for the City of Cincinnati. You know, stuff like "America's Finest City" (San Diego). Herd got suggestions like, "Cincinnati - you have the right to remain silent." Great bit...but the underlying truth behind the comedy still stings this emigre Cincinnatian.

The other day Colin did another bit of analysis on the proposed trade that would send Ocho to Washington for two picks-including Washington's first round pick. He said the Bungles were stupid to pass up the opportunity. I concur.

Chris Henry and Odell Thurman are thugs. Chad is no thug. He is however a prima donna and a man totally absorbed in the larger-than-life alter ego he has concocted for himself. Ocho has become the Hyde to Chad's Jekyll. I say let some other franchise with deep pockets and the willingness to try stupid things (Washington) have Ocho and all his theatrics. Get some players in return that will help rebuild this franchise. Rebuild the patchwork Bengals linebacking corps. Get some run stoppers for the D-line. Hell, turn these picks into trades with other NFL clubs willing to pay a price to move up.

Come on Marvin, Katie and Mike, screw yer foolish pride and do something to make this team a contender. With a little luck, yet another Bengals rebuilding cycle could parallel that of the 49ers. How sweet would a third Super Bowl rematch be for those of us who remember 1982 and 1989? Only this time, the Bengals might have a Hall of Fame quarterback to lead the two minute drive at the end of the game.

Just to add salt to the wound here is a quick look back at the Bengals 31 picks since 1999
1999-Akili Smith -BUST
2000-Peter Warrick -BUST
2001-Justin Smith - BAILED
2003-Carson Palmer - STUD
2004-Chris Perry - BUST
2005-David Pollack -BUSTED NECK
2006-Jonathan Joseph - GOOD COVER GUY/CAN'T CATCH

From the draft team that brought you Ki-Jana Carter and Chris Perry, here would be a sign of a yet another Bengal draft apocalypse:
With the ninth pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select night club brawler and lotsa babyses daddy, Darren McFadden.

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