Friday, April 04, 2008

Hello Newman

You take 46 shots on goal, enjoy an 18 minute PP advantage, and lose 4-3. You lose three of the last four games when everything is on the line, and I think you probably should go home early. Got to hand it to the Panthers even though they tried their best to hand it to the Canes.

It's been a season on the ledge and that ledge gave way tonight. I spent the first hour or so after the horn pretty pissed off that my boys couldn't seal the deal. It's now around 9:30 in the desert and I have to say I concur with Andy of Hurricanes Insider. Regardless of what happens in Craptown tomorrow, this was a season to be proud of for your Carolina Hurricanes. Here are my top-ten things Caniacs can be proud of:

  1. The boys thrived for months at the top of the division despite extensive injuries to captain Rod Brind 'Amour, Justin Williams and Matt Cullen.
  2. JR's acquisition of Joe Corvo, Sergei Samsonov and Tuomo Ruutu helped the Canes compete until the last day of the season. The addition of these guys and Patrick Eaves might also set the franchise up nicely for years to come.
  3. Keith Aucoin and Ryan Bayda become legit NHLers.
  4. Timmay Gleason stepped up and became a rock on the blueline. I like the Jack Johnson deal much more now than around 7 months ago.
  5. Bret Hedican not only defied the detractors (like me) to made it thru the season, he was a stud. Thanks Bret. And thanks for another great final season Glen Wesley.
  6. Tim Conboy and Wade Brookbank added that missing element of on-ice psycho the Canes needed to keep league thugs at bay.
  7. Eric Staal deserves all the glow he got all season in the hockey media. He's become a power-centerman and one of the league's premier talents. Sign him long-time ASAP JR.
  8. Scott Walker showed up every night and every shift. He took a ton of punishment and delivered quite a bit as well. He was the heart and soul of the all who aspired to grind for the Canes.
  9. Trevor Letowski served admirably in perhaps the least glamourous role on the roster.
  10. Peter Laviolette proved he still had this lockerroom.

Now that we're all feeling warm and fuzzy...damn it sucks to lose to the Newman's tonight of all nights. Thanks for the negative psychic energy vibe Mary Beth Wrenn...bitch.

But tomorrow's another day, right guys? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Go Panthers! Beat the, the.... aw screw it. Go Jayhawks.


Marsha said...

Glad you caught yourself after emitting a "Go Panthers" bro; that's a sure path to bad karma.

magnolia_mer said...

Thanks for this post, Casey. It is so nice to see a cooler head prevail. This season could have been over in Februrary and instead it went down to the wire.