Thursday, April 10, 2008

That Burns-ing Sensation

With three years left on his contract, Peter Laviolette seems far from safe. In today's N&O, Jim Rutherford calls out Lavvy on several fronts. Seems like a very public beatdown for a guy you want to keep on board for three more years. The question in situations like this is, if the Canes do axe Lavvy, who is out there available and better? Awhile back, I floated the name of Brian Sutter. He is a former Jack Adams winner, but his track record as an NHL head coach is unspectacular (around .500). Couple that with the fact that his brother's kid will probably be in the lineup next season. Bad idea.

Hey, how 'bout Pat Burns? If this squad needs and infusion of accountability, he might be just the guy. And he's itching to get back behind the bench. This from the Globe and Mail on April 8:

"Burns, a three-time winner of the Jack Adams Trophy as the NHL's coach of the year, would consider a return to the NHL coaching ranks if the opportunity presented itself in the fall."

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