Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Canes new Director of Defenseman Development

Thank you Glen Wesley for being a Carolina Hurricane. Here's my favorite Glen memory from an post I made right after the Canes Cup victory in 2006. This was at the end of his first speculated final season. Here's a snip from the opening:

In the spring of 2004, my wife and I went to the Fridays in Cary for a nightcap after attending a particularly humbling home loss to, I believe, the Tampa Bay Lightning. Soon after we were seated, Glen Wesley walked in with his wife...

Please note that Glen was there to have a quiet late dinner with his wife. The Fridays in Cary is not a "scrip club." Glen didn't have a posse with him that night. He wasn't there to be the center of attention or to make it rain.

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