Friday, June 20, 2008

Darcy, Trades? and Draft Day

Darcy Hordichuk is a lunger more than a fighter. If he lands that first punch, he might win the decision. If he misses, he's toast. I still like Tim Conboy better in the enforcer role. Conboy has that borderline psycho postal employee intangible that's hard to find in this league.....outside Sean Avery. Speaking of the little tool, check out this video clip from YouTube. It features Hordichuk doing something really stupid and our boy Timmayy Gleason back in the day.

Now I know JR has stated he has no plan to move up. He did move up from #8 to #4 in 2004 to get Andrew Ladd. The Columbus Dinner Jackets need to get to the playoffs real bad. The defenseman of the future may or may not be enough to keep the faithful, faithful. They've flirted with Ryan Malone and they are taking a hard look right now at Patrick Marleau. How about Erik Cole or Justin Williams and a pick for that #6 pick? If Luke Schenn is still there at #6... Another possible move-up trade partner might be Nashville in the #9 spot.

Lets see if all the buzz around Pitkanen, Liles or maybe Streit comes to fruition over the weekend. I really like the idea of the Germanicish Mark Streit joining the Canes. I can see it now, Streit and Seidenberg - Hans and Franz. The Siegfried line. Hey Mike Comrie....You with your Hollywood Disney Channel girlfriend, and your designer trousers and your courtside seats at the Laker game. Come across dee meedle and see how we put you through Teutonic Hell with our huge bulging muscles. Yah, vee will crush you if we don't get caught up ice on an ill-advised pinch...

Pierre McGuire has the Canes taking Zach Boychuk in the #14 spot in his TSN mock draft. Just what the Canes need, another 5'9" centerman.

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