Friday, June 20, 2008

OK, Now I hate Keith Ballard

Maybe the Coyotes can afford to buy the Finnish Skeletor a helmet that fits. My favorite Coyote is now a Florida Panther and one of my top five "hate-him's" in the league is a Coyote. Great deal for the Yotes. Keith Ballard is a solid and developing player, but prone to taking bad penalties and getting caught behind the play after trying to make the big hit. I think he developed some bad habits playing with Nick Boynton. Ditching Boynton's nearly $3 mil in salary is also a winner.

The acquisition of Jokinen is huge for the dogs. Doan, Jokinen, Reinprecht, with youngsters Hanzal, Turris and Mueller. Every forward on this squad is a centerman. This should be a very fun team to watch next season. I'm definitely going to make it to more than the zero games I attended last year in Glendale. Good job Don Maloney!!!

For much smarter analysis, check out Coyotes Blog, One Fan's Perspective


CanesCast said...

Sounds like your letting your Caniacness slip a bit out west.

PB said...

As much as I like Ballard, the Coyotes are truly deep on defense (preview of this weekend's missive) so this deal really makes sense.

Now Ballard and Boynton are stinkin' Panthers. At least the Coyotes won't see them that often.

As far as the smart analysis goes, I'm not sure that's accurate... :-)

CasonBlog said...

This link on Kukla's Korner takes you to a Miami Herald article by David Neal. He doesn't dig the deal for the Kitties.

East of Here said...

I am glad to see Olli "the human mole rat" Jokinen heading out west. This way, I don't have to hear him whine about something (usually diving) every friggin week.

The only way I could've been happier is if there was a Chinese league they could've shipped him to. But alas, that was not to be...