Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Steely Dan 2008-Make tonight a wonderful thing

The Early Years

That's David Palmer on lead vocals, Denny Dias on guitar and I think Jeff Baxter on bongos.

Interesting summer for music in the Old Pueblo. A few weeks ago, Journey came to town with their new Philipino Karaoke singing Steven Perry sound-alike. Tonight is Steely Dan at the AVA Amphitheater. Great venue for a show, provided the monsoon gives us a night off. I've been a Dan fan since high school back when the movie "FM" came out. I spent the summer of '79 driving around in my dad's Dodge Omni with Aja cued up in the 8-Track player. Aja, when all my dime dancing is through, I run to ratchet, ratchet, bzzzzzzz-click youuuu....oooh.

This will mark my third Dan show-the first in Manassas was way back when, in 2000. Saw them again during a virtual sandstorm in 2006. The second show wasn't nearly as tight as the first. Let's hope Donald's voice is silky smooth.

Perusing YouTube, the boys seem to be dropping in some more obscure tunes on this tour. Here are some songs I wish they'd include:

  • Midnight Cruiser

  • Don't Take Me Alive

  • The Caves of Altamira

  • Doctor Wu

  • Time Out of Mind

  • Tomorrow's Girls

  • H Gang
In Florida earlier this summer, this was their set list:

  • Royal Scam

  • I Got the News

  • Everything You Did

  • Show Business Kids

  • Two Against Nature

  • What a Shame About Me

  • Babylon Sisters

  • New Frontier

  • Hey Nineteen

  • Black Friday

  • Green Earrings

  • Glamour Profession

  • Parker's Band

  • Josie

  • Peg

  • Kid Charlemagne

  • FM

No Cuervo Gold. No fine Colombian. Just a few Stella Buds and lots of ear candy.


Bubba said...

Good stuff. Wish I could join you for this one.

IwoCPO said...

How crazy is this? We both posted about Steely Dan today.

CasonBlog said...

I'll file a report tomorrow.