Friday, July 18, 2008

This O'Neill nonsense and other stuff

Wizzinator News
The word the other day from Luke that JR was speaking with Jeff O'Neill about a two-way contract to bolster the Canes depth at center makes me think that Matt Cullen's melon may not be ready for prime time, or that he's one Brooks Orpik experience away from Eric Lindrosville. UPDATE: Oops, just saw that Wufie already had the same take. Snooze you lose.
Speaking of Luke. I'm beginning to get a bit worried about his follicle future. This haircut has all the signs of a imminent descent into Trumpian come over syndrome.

Thrash and Kitties go ugly late
These two squads successfully scooped up the leagues UFA sloppy seconds...or maybe thirds. When asked about his new deal with the FLACats, Cory Stillman waxed Zach Mayo squealing, "I got nowhere else to go!"

Tampion Bay triples down
Vinnie is worth the cash, even if he plays into his fifties. I saw Gordie Howe playing in his fifties, but it was the WHL. How about Radim Vrbata for $3 mil and seven years of Ryan Malone just a few months out of a perpetual doghouse and with one good season under his belt?

Anniversary #3
Thanks to DLee and Team Carolina on Ice for reminding me of the third anniversary here at C/B.

  • Here's a link to my first post from July 15, 2005-when I fancied myself a serious homer/analyst
  • Here's the most visited post in this blog's history. Right before game seven of the 2006 Cup final. When the going got tough, I got whiny.

Thanks to all who find their way here or back here even when I have little or nothing to say. At the end of the Canes season, I started thinking that my energy for riffing on things Hurricanes was about used up. Now months later, I'm getting excited again about the upcoming season.

Despite being an Arizonan now for four years, I still haven't become much of a Coyotes fan. This despite the possibility that the Dogs could be very good this season. On February 7, the Canes come to Phoenix. At least on that night, I'll be wishing pain and suffering on Skelator Olli.

In Uthuh News
Welcome aboard Eye of the Storm. Another take is always welcome.


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