Monday, August 25, 2008

Final Olympics Entry

Another wonderful display of ant colony pageantry last night. Damn, them Commies know how to mobilize the masses and make them do things in lock step.

I hope the USOC bans Ralph Lauren from ever again designing outfits for our athletes. Team USA paraded into the Bird's Nest on opening night dressed like they were going to Judge Smails' yacht christening. They paraded in last night looking like Cabana Boys. Lauren has been putting this country club chic crap out for decades. Next games, I want Wrangler to get the nod. Huge cowboy hats, big shiny belt buckles and lots of dead animal hides. That's the American way!

A big Bravo Zulu to USA Volleyball. Gold on the beach for the men's and women's teams and a gold for the men's indoor. Ranked #9 in the world at the start of the games, the women's indoor team overachieved in bringing home the silver. These games will give another boost to volleyball in this country-especially the beach game. Any sport played by hotties in teenie bikinis is bound to be popular with at least half the population.

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d-lee said...

RIP Ted Knight. Excellent Judge Smails reference.