Monday, August 18, 2008

More Badminton and Olympic Coverage!!!

On Badminton

I am now a Uuuuuuge international badminton fan. I couldn't get enough this weekend. South Korea's mixed doubles pair of Lee and Lee beating the top-seeded Indonesians in two sets was 1980 Miracle on Ice...only with shuttlecocks and tiny tennis rackets. Unlike ping pong where the ball moves so wicked fast that it's nearly impossible to keep up, an overhead smash of a badminton shuttle may leave the wee racket face at 200 mph, but by the time it crosses the net it's already about out of momentum. This gives the guys on the other side time to smash it right back, if they can handle the sudden change in speed and trajectory. They do have to fix the serve element of the game. That little pokey backhand thing is lame. They outta be able to rip it from the end line like Rod Laver back in the day.

On The Marathon
The Marathon started at Tianamen Square and the NBC analysts were good to remind us twice that Chairman Mao's temple was located on the square, but if memory serves, something else...something really big happened on that square...Aw shucks. Let me do a Google China search, I'm sure that will jog my memory. NBC weenies.

On Fencing
Beekeepers dancing and poking in the dark. You never know who gets the point because they both act like they won each tilt. And I didn't even hear any "En Gardes!" How do you have fencing without somebody saying "En Garde"? I would have settled for a "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father...prepare to die," somewhere in the action.

Plus the French won. That sucks. The French simply have no equal at pretending to be in combat. I think they should drop the silly little foil sabres and switch to samurai swords or pirate cutlasses. Let's see Mr. Gallic exuberance, Monsieur Julien Pillet , medal then. Two of France's four gold medals are in swordplay. One in team sabre and one in team epee. I think "epee" is one step up from the swordplay game we all played as kids while we were taking a leak in the woods.

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