Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Presenting the Carolina Tropical Storm Sardaukars

I think I dig this new third impression gear. Has a dark, Nazgulie, Megatronesque, maybe Sardaukarish look to it. It's a bit superhero looking, but it's not a stylized constellation cow head, oily oblong gear or mighty fish stick guy. Plus how cool will it be going into overtime to hear the RBC PA announcer holler, "Hurricanes, Maximize!!!

Nothing old school about this get-up. I was hoping for something old school, but I guess I can live with this one. Not sure if Roddy is going to look like a warrior or a cartoon character in this wear.

Worse case scenario, Caniacs will have something to wear to the next Sci Fi or Comicon convention. I like bold marketing moves, and this one is definitely bold. Click here if you haven't seen the new stuff.

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