Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Coach Mo-Ja-Vu all over again

So, it's out with the old-in with the even older. Coach Lavvy is out and Coach Mo is back.

Last two seasons, I rarely missed a Canes game on the DVR. This season, I'm forgetting to even program the machine. Last season, I did battle with the females of he C/B household for prime viewing time. This season it's some combination of Private Practice, Gray's McDreamy Anatomy and Starvivor nearly every night. I now watch more tape-delayed college volleyball on the Mountain West Conference Channel than Canes hockey. Part of that is because I love volleyball. The other part is because this Canes team that might only have a 50-50 chance of winning against the Florida Panthers on any given night.

Let's face it. The last two years have been a mess. The collapse, re-birth and collapse of last season leaves me thinking, "Fool me twice,.... screw you! I'm watching the Food Network. " And this season is shaping up like those other seasons samdwiched around 2006. Two years of Justin Williams injuries. Two years of waiting for Cam Ward to prove he wasn't a Conn Smythe fluke in 2006. Two years of watching "Wardo" give up a late softie. Two years of an anemic power play. Two years of watching the Canes get physically dominated by bigger, stronger and younger forwards. Two years of waiting for Andrew Ladd to blossom. Two years of trades and signings that amounted to a refresh of a boring status quo. Two years of watching Rod Brind 'Amour fade as a leader and a player with two-and-a-half years to go on a five-year contract.

A coaching change is supposed to infuse new life. A coaching change is supposed to embarrass the players and make them step up. And it's supposed to rekindle hope in the fan base. Yup, I can't wait till that Pittsburgh game tomorrow night...Oooh, wait a second...looks like there's a five-day old replay of a college cross country meet on the Big Ten Network.


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